Full STEAM Ahead!

badmathsI’m sharing a little extra love today with 4 STEAM-related r(e)posts!

First of all, check out these two posts from Richard Byrne’s Free Technology for Teachers:

Fun With Bad Math In Pictures. As a former English teacher, I always notice typos and grammatical errors on signs and whatnot; this is the math lover’s version. What a fun idea to have your students figure out the faulty figuring!

Another great post from Byrne is this reminder that the Google Science Fair is open now until May 12, 2014. I wish the idea springboard  had been available when I was a kid working on my science fair projects.

If you’re considering implementing a makerspace in your school, you might want to check out Make‘s post 3 Key Qualities for a School Makerspace  and then check out the awesome things happening at the Grand Center Arts Academy’s Makerspace. I visited the space in December and was really impressed with all of the great design thinking happening there.



Finally, check out Machine Uses “Imagination” to Draw Images from big think. I’m interested to see how quickly the AI behind this technology will evolve from these crude drawings that remind me of ancient cave paintings.


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